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☞ Hot-Dip Aluminizing coating

Resistance to corrosion

Aluminum can be used for all kinds of silverware and structural steel and has high resistance to corrosion.
The surface of hot-dip aluminum coating is completely coated by aluminum so it has as much resistance to corrosion as pure aluminum metal toward a corrosive.

Resistance to heat

If an ordinary steel is heated over 550°C, scale is generated rapidly and finally the steel is vanished. In experiment, if an ordinary steel plate of 3.2m/m is heated in 1,000°C in becomes scale and in vanished in 32 hours. Also of an aluminized steel if heated under the same temperature of 1,000°C it can stand 364 hours and is identified to have about times of resistance to heat. When it is used if the actual factory it can be influenced by fuel, the structure of bath, temperature in use rapid cooling and rapid cooling and rapid heating etc. According to foreign statistic data, it has about 3~7 times of resistance.