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Updated November 15, 2023

Ethical code

Musto et Bureau Srl


Company vision

Company mission le
Ethics and legality
Corporate culture


Adoption and update




Standards of behavior
Quality and safety
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Company vision

Bringing the best crucibles to all foundries in the world.

Company mission

“Produce on a large scale while remaining faithful to the artisanal experience of handmade crucibles”.

Musto et Bureau is an Italian company founded on the values of work ethics and which combines artisan tradition with technological innovation.

The company mission is to offer a very high quality product with a high service content. All our energies, efforts and the company’s continuous commitment to research and innovation are dedicated to this purpose.

The Company invests its resources to innovate and anticipate market changes, increase customer satisfaction, become their trusted partner and improve lifestyles.

Our mission is based on some general principles, such as the responsibility that inspires every market relationship to the principles of fairness and efficiency; the protection of the health and safety of its workers and all customers, guaranteeing safe working conditions, the healthiness and safety of the products, through the control of workmanship and certifications.

Ethics and legality

Ethics and legality have always been essential values of this company.

Musto et Bureau operates in compliance with the law and promotes a corporate culture that respects colleagues, rights and company rules.

Corporate culture

The purpose of this Code of Ethics is to contribute to building a corporate culture based on the principles set out in it.

Uniform behaviors of collaborators who pursue the objective of building safe products for our customers.

Love towards oneself, towards the Company, towards customers and towards every stakeholder is attention, passion and responsibility in every single activity.


The Musto et Bureau Code of Ethics

    • sets out all the rights, duties and responsibilities of the company with respect to all the subjects with whom it enters into relations for the achievement of its corporate purpose (customers, suppliers, employees and/or collaborators, partners, institutions); it is therefore a directive whose rules of conduct must be kept in mind in everyday work and which presupposes, first and foremost, compliance with the laws and regulations in force, including those within the company;

    • aims to establish reference „standards“ and behavioral norms to guide corporate decision-making processes and the conduct of the company itself;

    • requires consistent behavior from management and all those it addresses, i.e. actions which are consistent with the company’s ethical principles.


Adoption and update

This Code of Ethics is voluntarily adopted by the company and expresses values and behavioral principles recognized as its own which require compliance by all recipients, constituting the first tool for preventing any illicit behavior.

The company strives for continuous operational improvement and internal procedures in order to make company management more effective and efficient by encouraging, among other things, the use of technological tools, in order to reduce repetitive and merely executive activities, to the advantage of those with the highest professional content, guaranteeing timeliness and punctuality in processing requests from all customers and collaborators, with precise compliance with the regulations; through this the company pursues the exclusive interest of the company and its members.

Everyone has the duty to carry out the tasks assigned with loyalty and correctness, to encourage communication, to solicit and use synergies between colleagues in the interest of company objectives.

The circulation of information occurs in accordance with the principles of truthfulness, loyalty, correctness, completeness, clarity, transparency and respect between colleagues.

This Code of Ethics was adopted by resolution of the Company’s Board of Directors on 01/01/2024, far from being considered an unchangeable document, it must be read as an instrument susceptible to subsequent modifications and additions based on internal and external changes to the Company, as well as the experiences acquired by the Company over time.

All this in order to ensure full coherence between the guiding values assumed as fundamental principles of the Company and the behaviors to be followed as established herein.


This Code of Ethics is binding for members, members of the corporate bodies, management, employees, as well as for all those who, although external to the company, work, directly or indirectly, for it.

All the recipients indicated above are required to observe and, to the extent of their competence, to ensure compliance with the principles contained in the Code of Ethics. Under no circumstances does the claim to act in the company’s interest justify the adoption of behavior that contrasts with that set out in this document.

Compliance with the rules of the Code of Ethics must also be considered an essential part of the contractual obligations of company employees pursuant to and for the purposes of the provisions of art. 2.104 and following of the Civil Code.



The actions, operations, transactions, and in general all behavior carried out by the Recipients in the exercise of the functions within their competence and responsibility, must be characterized by the utmost integrity, honesty, correctness, loyalty, transparency, fairness, objectivity, as well as respect for the Person and responsibility in the prudent use of corporate, environmental and social assets and resources.

Everyone, within the scope of the responsibilities associated with the role held, provides the highest level of professionalism available to appropriately satisfy the needs of customers and colleagues.

It is necessary for everyone to carry out the assigned activities with commitment, contributing in a concrete way to achieving the company objectives and respecting the values stated.

The development of the spirit of belonging to the Company, the improvement of the corporate image and reputation represent common objectives, which constantly guide everyone’s behavior.

Standards of behavior

Common sense is the ability to behave with wisdom and a sense of proportion, adhering to generally shared criteria of opportunity. It means making choices and decisions that seem reasonable based on the given situation.

All behavior must be traced back to the principles of correctness and good faith to integrate contractual obligations.

Acting fairly means avoiding intentionally harming others, but following the rules fairly.

Acting in good faith means behaving with sincerity and trust in interactions with others, that is, avoiding taking unfair advantage of a situation or someone.
In essence, it is treating others with kindness and respect, believing that others will do the same.

Loyalty to the Company means being loyal and devoted to the workplace, doing your best to help the Company achieve its goals and grow.

Loyalty towards the Company means caring about its success, carrying out your work with commitment and dedication, working hard, respecting the rules, doing your utmost to help the company grow and protecting its interests and reputation.

Loyalty to colleagues means being a good teammate and supporting your colleagues. It involves helping each other, being friendly and respectful in the workplace and workplace, as well as showing solidarity and cooperation, offering help when needed, listening to others‘ ideas and helping to create a positive working environment.

Being proactive means being part of a work group and acting actively to contribute positively to the success of the Company.

He doesn’t wait to be told what to do, but looks around, identifies what can be done to help the team, and starts getting busy without needing to be pushed by others.

When there are problems or challenges, they don’t just complain or ignore the problem, but look for solutions and come up with ideas to resolve the situation in a constructive way.

Works as a team , communicates effectively and supports colleagues.

He is fully committed to his responsibilities by striving to exceed expectations and do high- quality work .

He has a positive attitude and his commitment rubs off on the other members of the team, creating a more motivated, productive work environment and pushing colleagues towards excellence.

Having love , care and attention towards equipment means taking care of them, treating them with consideration and respect so that they can serve their purpose well and last a long time.

A Responsible Person is someone you can count on. He does his job accurately and on time. He says what he does and then does what he said.

He doesn’t leave things unfinished or neglect them, but knows what needs to be done and does it to the end, completing the tasks while committing to respecting the established deadlines.

He is punctual , arrives on time, respects commitments and deadlines.

Follows company rules and policies.

When he makes a mistake, he doesn’t cover it up, nor does he try to place the blame on someone else, but he admits that he was wrong, he takes responsibility for the actions performed and the consequences resulting from them.

In compliance with the values of fairness and objectivity, the Company undertakes to:

    • avoid any form of discrimination, in particular that based on race, nationality, sex, age, physical disability, sexual orientation, political or trade union opinions, philosophical orientations or religious beliefs;

    • do not tolerate sexual harassment and physical or psychological harassment, in whatever form and context they manifest themselves;

    • listen to the requests of colleagues, customers and suppliers without any preconceptions or behavior aimed exclusively at defending one’s position and work;

    • avoid, in carrying out one’s duties, making decisions or carrying out activities that are contrary to or in conflict with the interests of the company or in any case not compatible with the observance of official duties;

    • show sensitivity and respect towards others by refraining from any behavior that could be considered offensive;

    • condemn any behavior aimed at committing crimes;

    • condemn the exploitation, in any form, of workers.

To maximize customer satisfaction, the Company is committed to:

    • carry out continuous research and development on materials, new technologies and business processes;

    • conduct research and development activities with an ethical and responsible approach. This involves strictly complying with all rules, laws and regulations applicable in the context in which it operates;

    • reduce the environmental impact, carefully evaluating the ethical aspects related to the methods of data collection and use, the involvement of interested parties and risk management. The goal is to drive innovation in a sustainable way, ensuring that every technological advance and every product developed respects the principles of social and environmental responsibility.


Each Recipient carries out his work activity and his services with diligence, efficiency and correctness, using, in the most appropriate manner, the resources and time at his disposal and assuming the responsibilities connected to the obligations of his competence.

Anyone who holds the role of boss, manager or manager must set an example, provide leadership and guidance in accordance with the principles of conduct contained in this Code of Ethics and, with their behavior, must demonstrate to employees and collaborators that compliance with this Code Ethics is a fundamental aspect of his and their work, ensuring that employees and collaborators are aware that company results must never be separated from respect for the principles of the Code of Ethics.

Respect for the value of responsibility entails that the Company’s activities are carried out:

    • inspired by the principles of sound and prudent management, with the aim of being a solid, reliable company, open to innovation, interpreter of the ever-changing needs of customers, attentive to the needs of shareholders and members, interested in the best development and use of human resources and to the most efficient company organisation;

    • pursuing company interests in compliance with laws and regulations, with correct and loyal behaviour, recognizing competition as a positive stimulus to constantly improve the quality of products and services offered to customers, basing its commercial behavior on the principles of loyalty and correctness;

    • protecting the company’s reputation and assets;

    • seeking compatibility between economic initiative and environmental needs, not only in compliance with current legislation, but also taking into account the best experiences on the subject.

Quality and safety

For the Company, quality is the result of a service management process that arises from the sum of multiple factors.

A series of choices and decisions aimed at maximum customer satisfaction, to whom the company is committed to providing high-performance, reliable and safe products.

The Company intends to affirm the extreme importance of the following aspects:

    • product performance, reliability and quality;

    • ethically correct behavior towards staff;

    • compliance with the Customer’s requirements;

    • respect for the environment;

    • sustainability.

These aspects represent the essential premise for an organization which, like ours, is continuously looking for strategies that allow it to operate for customer satisfaction in a global market.

Customer satisfaction must be pursued while also assuming the necessary responsibilities towards ethical and environmental aspects, respecting the relevance that these issues are progressively assuming.

In order to implement the policy declared by this document, it requires maximum collaboration from all organizational functions involved.

The Company manages every report from our Customers as a moment of self-criticism and improvement for the organization and increasingly understands the importance of sourcing from qualified suppliers.

The Company intends to ensure the pursuit of this strategy through:

    • continuous attention to customer satisfaction, focusing on market needs, on identifying the expectations of its customers, on the need to develop new products/services to increasingly respond to the widespread need for quality, reliability and safety of its products;

    • the satisfaction of the applicable regulatory, legislative, regulatory and contractual requirements, which are becoming increasingly important and pressing, especially in reference to the legislative panorama relating to security and authenticity;

    • effectiveness and efficiency of its corporate management system, with the procedural control of activities, in a marked way for those that have a direct impact on the quality and reliability of the products, modulating the monitoring actions based on the risk assessment and guaranteeing a privileged attention for all aspects deemed most critical;

    • the continuous improvement of its products, services and management system also through increasingly close collaboration with its suppliers and all the stakeholders involved.

Relationships with staff

The Company, aware of the crucial role of its staff in business development, places great importance on building and maintaining relationships based on mutual trust with employees and collaborators.

By virtue of this, it is actively committed to developing the skills and potential of People in order to allow the full realization of individual capabilities and legitimate aspirations in the achievement of company objectives.

These principles guide the operation of all company structures, without exception.

The Company is resolutely dedicated to offering equal employment opportunities and professional growth to all its employees, based on their professional skills and qualifications, without any form of discrimination or favoritism.

At the time of the hiring process, the evaluation of candidates takes place based on their adherence to the required profiles. Employees are regularly hired through employment contracts compliant with current laws, without any tolerance for irregular forms of work. Furthermore, during the hiring process, candidates are adequately informed about all relevant aspects of the employment relationship.

Once the employment relationship is established, employees receive clear and specific information on regulatory and remuneration aspects. Furthermore, throughout the duration of the employment relationship, information is provided to ensure an in-depth understanding of the nature of the tasks and responsibilities, while respecting individual qualifications.

The Company firmly undertakes to invest in the training of all employees and to promote participation in refresher courses and training programs in order to allow the full realization of individual abilities and legitimate aspirations, in accordance with the achievement of company objectives.

Accordingly, it is common practice for the Company:

    • select, hire, pay and manage its staff based on criteria of merit and competence through the relevant functions;

    • maintain an objective company evaluation system.

Furthermore, the Company requires that its suppliers and partners strictly comply with all labor regulations, paying particular attention to child labor, female labor, working conditions and hours, as well as social security, social security contributions and wages.

The Company applies labor legislation and the provisions of national and local collective bargaining.

The Company undertakes to comply with the following requirements:

    • ensure working conditions that prevent workers from possible injuries and illnesses, aiming for the full satisfaction of its staff, be they partners or employees;

    • combat all forms of discrimination and guarantee equal opportunities and fair treatment to all employees, regardless of race, class, national origin, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, trade union membership, political affiliation and age;

    • carry out the selection taking into exclusive consideration objective elements such as competence, experience, education in relation to the functions to be covered;

    • apply the national collective labor agreement in a complete and impartial manner to all employees, promptly paying the established salary;

    • contribute to the growth of people and guarantee stable employment as well as education and training according to organizational and management needs;

    • guarantee the protection of maternity and paternity;

    • carry out retirements in accordance with the relevant regulations in force;

    • carry out any dismissals in the cases permitted by law and the CCNL, in any case never for discriminatory reasons.

The Company guarantees all employees fair, dignified wages that comply with the provisions of the CCNL and the supplementary contracts.

All items relating to entitlements and withholdings made are clearly indicated in the pay slips.

Relationships with customers and suppliers

The Company shows constant sensitivity and dedication in establishing high-quality relationships with customers, recognizing that they represent a fundamental pillar of the company.

Each employee acts as an ambassador for the company, committing to work with professionalism, competence, availability, correctness, courtesy and transparency.

Excellence is reflected in the quality of the products and services offered, as well as in the company’s ability to respond promptly and competently to customer needs.

Maximum confidentiality must be maintained on the information acquired during the course of the work and strict compliance with the laws on the protection of personal data.

In commercial relationships, all the rules that regulate the ethical management of the relationship must be respected, avoiding any form of fraudulent or illicit behavior, including violations of copyright.

All those who work with or for the Company are required to:

    • promote loyal and correct behavior in every sector of the business, including commercial relationships;

    • safeguard their own and others‘ intellectual property rights, including copyrights, patents, trademarks and identifying marks, adhering to the policies and procedures established for their protection;

    • oppose and reject any behavior aimed at acquiring commercial opportunities in illicit ways, by offering or promising money or other undue benefits.

To protect the image and reputation of the Company – built through commitment, dedication and professionalism – it is essential that relationships with customers are based on:

    • to full correctness, also for the purpose of creating a solid relationship that enables the customer to always understand the characteristics and value of all the products and services that he purchases or that are offered to him;

    • to maintaining high quality standards of its services and maximizing customer satisfaction. The internal procedures and IT technologies used support these purposes, also through continuous monitoring of the customers themselves;

    • to promptly respond to complaints, aiming for a substantial resolution of disputes. Complaints constitute an opportunity for improvement, to overcome conflicts and regain customer trust and satisfaction;

    • to the provision of care and attention to each Customer or category of Customers, without any discrimination based on their nationality, religion or gender;

    • compliance with the law, with particular reference to the provisions on anti-money laundering, as well as the fight against receiving and using money, goods or benefits of illicit origin;

    • to independence from any improper conditioning, both internal and external;

    • to regular monitoring of the achievement of customer satisfaction and loyalty objectives, which is rewarded with the aim of spreading the culture of the relationship. The Company is open to suggestions and proposals from customers regarding services and products.

Furthermore, when starting commercial relationships with new customers and managing existing ones, it is necessary, taking into account the information available, to avoid:

    • maintain relationships, direct or indirect, with subjects whose involvement in illicit activities is known, or only suspected, with persons lacking the necessary requirements of seriousness and commercial reliability;

    • finance activities aimed at the production or marketing of highly polluting or dangerous products for the environment and health;

    • maintain financial relationships with those economic activities which, even indirectly, hinder human development and contribute to violating the fundamental rights of the Person.

Suppliers are encouraged to carry out their activities following standards of conduct consistent with those indicated in this Code of Ethics. In particular, they must ensure seriousness in business, respect the rights of their workers, invest in quality and responsibly manage environmental and social impacts.

With reference to Suppliers, anyone who has relationships with them is prohibited from requesting gifts (not only in the form of sums of money, but also goods), benefits or other benefits, in order to facilitate their working position towards the Company , to the detriment of others and to the detriment of the Company itself.