Crucibles for Zinc and Magnesium alloys

A young and dynamic team

The company is composed by a young and dynamic team, always leaning to the creation of new projects and ready to develop new experiences through collaboration with customers, from the initial delivery of the crucible to all different customer needs. The crucibles are produced thanks to the search for different customer needs. The crucibles are produced using the search for different  materials, including those totally new and unusual in thew field and the study of shapes that can bring the maximum efficiency to the user.

Brand Ditta Musto is managed by two partners Alain Bureau and Patrizia Musto  engaged in technical and commercial functions, who have been encouraged by the experience gained to date and, above all, by the passion for the non-ferrous alloys, both with a particular attitude to the world of magnesium.

The two partners have been able to advance in the challenges, proposed by the  new markets, facing the new developing opportunities which required different types of cosumption and different customers' needs. All these new challenges have allowed the company to cope with new changes and achieve a positive growth.
Equipment and crucibles for melting Zinc and Magnesium alloys, steel crucibles in any shape and size, upon customer's request. We cover the whole process with the production of casting furnaces with high efficiency and low power consumption. Our furnaces for Zinc and Magnesium alloys are widely appreciated for the savings that arrive at 40% of current furnaces. 0ur products and our experience optimize productivity in this field.
Via Molise, 26/28
40060 Osteria Grande (BO) ITALY
Tel. +39 051 945811 - Fax +39 051 945492

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