Crucibles for Zinc and Magnesium alloys

The history

Excellence was not born from nothing.

The company was born in 1965 and was founded by the father of one of the two current members, Musto Ciriaco ,who was a young craftsman ,building crucibles for the Italian Society of Magnesium of Bolzano, which is now closed but in those years it was a real global reference point as a producer of primary Magnesium. The idea was good because for many years the company builded crucibles for all those magnesium foundries, which were born in Italy at that time.

In 1988 with few resources and perseverance, a lot of passion ,competence and enterprise skill, the company achieved to a new idea: the manufacture of a stainless steel crucible for zinc alloys, at that time cast iron crucibles were the only possibility in the market..

In the 90's , the stainless steel crucible imposed itself on the market violently and it became the MUST product for all diecasting foundries, chosen for its quality and durability, so as to render the crucible of cast iron a real obsolete product and convince all die-casting machines companies to adopt solely the crucible of stainless steel.