Crucibles for Zinc and Magnesium alloys


Most of the products are sold with a certification quality card and lifetime assurance and it is for this reason that quality can not be compromised.

Competitiveness of the market is very high and only through quality Ditta Musto could achieve important results; excellence in this field is crucial to get new orders, avoid returns from custumers, and keep down the level of repairs. Therefore, the company is fully committed to providing quality products and quality services to all its costumers. The company aims for a product and service flawless, improving continously.

Then product design of Musto et Bureau S.r.l. passes through a system of design and development of the project that takes into account all the variables, the product quality of the materials, the definition of the production process to delivery. In each stage of production the company tries to intervene in time to prevent problems and ensure the provision of the best products on the market. As for the supply of materials, suppliers are involved for creating robust products and improving their product lines. The production system of  Musto et Bureau S.r.l. provides a direct involvment of all employees who work according to the philosophy of continuous improvement of the product, and for this, offers courses of training date, for the use of new technologies and new materials. The continuing challenges of the changing markets require continuous updates company. 

The company carries out strict controls on welding and materials using non distructive liquid to make sure each product is provided free of defects. Each product has its traceability through a system of internal storage that can record every single stage of production, from the processes to the material used. On specific requests; we can make use of external laboratories for radiographic examination of welds. For many years, the company's way of thinking is that of quality in all its dimensions: from products, customers, growth, behavior and suppliers. These are five key dimensions that define the production process of the Musto et Bureau S.r.l. and which they are all kept firmly together.

The company is continuing the progress of the ISO quality certification, which, however, is very simplistic and too much standardized to ensure those quality standards to which the aims Musto et Bureau S.r.l., against a market with ever-changing needs and demands.