Crucibles for Zinc and Magnesium alloys


The equipment complement the supply of materials for the manufacturing of Magnesium and Zinc alloys. It is a complete and competent supply on the whole chain of production.

Ditta Musto has been providing accessories and services to the customers for some years, some of those are produced directly and others together with external collaborators.

These new products are supplied to all foundries of non-ferrous metals and involve a wide range:
  • Resistances to measure (armored U, radiant tubes, spiral shapes)
  • Heating cables
  • Lids
  • Baffles
  • Siphons
  • Casting valves
  • Magnesium filters
  • Crucibles for heat treatment and salt baths
  • Conveyors
  • Thermocouple, type K
  • Service and empitying and recovery ingots and siphons and other accessories got stuck in the cold metal bath
  • Regulators of temperature
  • Refractory (insulation panels, bricks, mats, braids ceramics)

Tecnical information

On the right there are some pictures of accessories, made or supplied by Ditta Musto.