Crucibles for Zinc and Magnesium alloys


'CRE-ACTIVITY' is our word

"Cre-activity" is important to be competitive, because it is no longer enough to be creative and innovative. The two partners of Musto et Bureau S.r.l. believe in "creactivity" and they wish to make space to new ideas and new projects, grow together with costumers, trust their advice and create more effective and efficient products. Working side by side with customers means evolving the range of products continously and achieving new results.

The company has treasured past technical through a continous improvement of its processes, which have had a tremendous impact in terms of research, development and innovation from the point of view of competitivness. Innovation and technology have enabled the company to rebuild every single product and adapt perfectly to the new machines and new customers' need.

The company is proud of its production and very demanding towards the customers and, step by step, with the traditional artisan care for every detail for quality and service, new products have been created, with a peculiar control towards innovations that satisfy custumers with original proposals. Companies must be able to seize new opportunities arising from new needs. All large and small companies must cope with these changes and accept to become "evolving" companies.