Crucibles for Zinc and Magnesium alloys


Crucibles supply and foundry products are not limited to simple production but follows the customer to teach them how to make a good maintenance and how to get a long-term, making users more competent, able to optimize their production costs.

The good use of the product and its relative maintenance and cleaning guarantee a longer time and less downtime during production. The training of the user does not pass only through the maintenance of the product but also through the repair work in case of accidental breakage.

The repair and maintenance also includes two new features that have been added recently: the remaking of furnaces, parts of furnaces or the renewal of some details of old furnaces; emptyng of broken crucibles, filled with Zinc and returned to the custumer as well as the crucible repaired also the zamak in ingots and any parts of ovens (ex. gooseneck or pumps) that they got stuck in the bathroom.

Finally it should be noted that all Ditta Musto products are provided with technical maintenance and operating instructions.
Equipment and crucibles for melting Zinc and Magnesium alloys, steel crucibles in any shape and size, upon customer's request. We cover the whole process with the production of casting furnaces with high efficiency and low power consumption. Our furnaces for Zinc and Magnesium alloys are widely appreciated for the savings that arrive at 40% of current furnaces. 0ur products and our experience optimize productivity in this field.
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